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Welcome to my Digimon Lyrics
Please, do not take any without asking, as I've worked very hard on typing these.

Japanese Lyrics

Anytime Momentai
Be All Right
Brave Heart
Donít Stop Patapata
Getting Up
Holy Light
Kaze no Shizuku
The Last Element
My Tomorrow
Shining Star
Steppiní Out
Super Girl
Target ~ Akai Shougeki
With The Will
Yasashii Ame
Yuuhi no Yakusoku

English Lyrics

Calumon's Song
Darkness in My Heart
Digimon (Theme Song)
Digimon 02 (Theme Song)
Digimon Tamers (Theme Song)
Digimon Frontier (Theme Song)
Gatomonís Song
I Turn Around
"Princess Karaoke"
"Togemon in Toytown"

Movie Lyrics

All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
All Star
Be All Right
Change into Power
Going Digital
Here We Go
Hey, Digimon
The Impression That I Get
Kick It Up
Kids in America
Nowhere Near
One Week
Run Around
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